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 Your partner has chosen his best man and he has thrown himself, feet and all, into planning for the Stag Do. But, as you know, there are a few other duties best men also take on when they agree to the position and he might just need a little help to remember what they are. 

It’s worth organising a get-together with your partner, your maid of honor and the best man to talk about how much you’d like them to help and what special duties you would like them to take on.

This will help to open the lines of communication and ensure that your best man has a head-start on what is expected before he thinks his role is more of a glorified groomsman and he can just show up on the day in a suit.

Some of the best man duties you might want to know about include:

Being supportive of the groom

Just as you can unload onto your bridesmaids, so too can the best man expect to be a sympathetic ear for the groom.

Help with the suit shopping

A day trying on clothes is probably not a guy’s idea of fun, but the best man needs to ensure all of the groomsmen are on board and available to try on suits to make sure they are all looking sharp on the day. He may even be required to pick up and drop off suits if they are being hired for the occasion.

Bachelor party

The bachelor party often doesn’t need discussing as it’s the highlight for any best man. But he needs to remember he is also in charge of coordinating the finances of the day and ensuring participants each contribute to the event so there is no big financial burden for anyone to bear.

Attend rehearsal dinner if there is one

This will help you all to figure out how the big day will flow, and for the best man, give him clues as to how he needs to organise the male attendants. It’s his job to take the stress off of the couple in organising the groomsmen and knowing where they all are and making sure things are running smoothly.

Stand at the front with the groom

Keeping the groom calm when the pre-wedding jitters take hold is essential in a successful best man. He will also most likely keep hold of the rings to present to the celebrant during the ceremony, so will need to make sure they are safe and secure, while also being in easy access so there isn’t any awkward fumbling when the time comes.

Sign the marriage Certificate 

When the time comes for the two of you to be wed, this will be done alongside the maid of honor. This is arguably the most important of all typical best man duties!

Give the first reception speech

This is the most sweat-inducing part of the best man role, but ensure him it’s a chance to express his feelings about the groom and highlight their unique relationship while wishing him and his new spouse well in their married life. This is one of those moments that could turn interesting should he have a drink too many and reveal embarrassing moments from your past dating history.